Route to Zero Carbon

How can your company begin the route to zero carbon?

What’s inside?

Climate Change is real, and it has now turned into a severe global threat as we experience aggravated and frequent droughts, heatwaves, forest fires, hurricanes, floods, and storms in every corner of the globe.

This whitepaper focuses on the central role of supply chain organizations in climate change and the rise of the issue due to emissions of CO2 as a result of their business operations and what motivates them to deal with it to reduce their impact effectively.

“For any business with a physical supply chain operation, the choices and strategies relating to the operation of that supply chain have a consequential impact on that business’s CO2 emissions. If supply chains play their full part in emissions reduction, there are reasonable grounds for believing that total global net CO2 emissions will reduce. Simply put, climate change is a battle that must be won. So, if your organization is pursuing—or thinking about pursuing—a zero-carbon initiative as part of its sustainability agenda, then I believe the present report is essential reading.” Authored by Professor Omera Khan.


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