Supply Chain Skills for the Future


What’s inside?

“I never make predictions — especially about the future,” American writer HL Mencken once observed. It’s easy to see why: the future is a strange place, and they do things differently there. But those of us working in supply chain management have no choice: engaging with that future as it unfolds is mandatory. And despite the fact that supply chains have changed enormously over the past 25 years, some predict that the scale of change in the next 25 years will be even greater, as emerging technologies and new imperatives re-write the rules of the art of the possible.

What skills, then, best equip supply chain professionals for this brave new world? What skills help supply chain professionals best deliver on the promise of this future, as it impacts the world’s supply chains? How should supply chain professionals develop and upskill themselves so as to remain relevant — and employable — in the uncertain decades ahead? What guidance is offered by industry, employers, industry bodies, and academia? And how best to acquire those skills, while busily working at day jobs managing the supply chains of the present-day? Talking to experts, this paper finds out.

Authored by Professor Omera Khan.


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