The sustainability imperative

An agenda for change

What’s inside?

Sustainability is a major issue — for all of us, and for the planet. There is no lifeboat; there is no fallback plan. Collectively, we have to get sustainability right. And make no mistake: procurement operations and supply chains are in the front line.

In our latest in-depth report written in conjunction with our Executive Strategic Advisor, Professor Omera Khan, we make a call for business leaders to remove roadblocks that are preventing sustainability initiatives from fulfilling their potential.

Dr Khan summarizes the challenge by saying "Supply chain and procurement professionals are in a really difficult situation. They want to prioritize sustainability, but leaders won’t give them the resources they need unless they can project ROI on investments”. We address this in the report by sharing our insights on how leaders can drive the change needed to improve the impact of sustainability initiatives.

Our extensive research incudes the views of over 200 supply chain and procurement professionals and also features insights from many thought leaders in the procurement world, including author, consultant, and circular economy campaigner Catherine Weetman.

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