Upskilling a resilient workforce

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Speaker: Professor Omera Khan, Executive Strategic Advisor at Skill Dynamics

Faster than might have once seemed possible, technology is transforming the management of supply chains. The result: supply chains that are leaner, faster, more responsive, and more resilient.

The challenge for supply chain organizations and their management teams is staying abreast of the rapidly changing landscape. What exactly are the implications of these changes? What will they mean for supply chain resilience and agility? What new skills will supply chain organizations have to acquire - not only to keep up, but to get ahead?

As people working in supply chains have become increasingly critical to competitive success, the challenge is, how quickly can we develop these professionals to thrive in this ever-changing world? During the session, Professor Khan shares her perspectives on some of the innovations having the biggest impact on supply chains - digital and sustainability - and how upskilling your workforce will help close the gap between supply chain innovations and the skills necessary to capitalize on them to future proof your supply chain.

This on demand session is relevant for all supply chain professionals that are looking for inspiration and tangible steps to develop a more resilient organization.

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